it’s a small world Can Never Go Away

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It's a small world

“Mom, was it like this when you were little?”

“Was what?”

“it’s a small world. Is it the same as when you were a young kid?”

This was the quick conversation my eldest child and I had during our latest journey through one of our favorite attractions at Walt Disney World.

While I immediately knew the answer, it did take me a minute to voice it. Yes, it’s always been this way. Yes, since I was his age and younger. And yes, I always forget how much it meant to me when I was young and that it still means so much to me now.

There’s comfort in knowing it’s a small world is being experienced by my kids the same way I experienced it. I remember learning what a platypus was during one of my first rides on it’s a small world. I was in awe over the fact that all of the figures had skin of different shades, but still looked similar.

What I didn’t know at the time is that this attraction was shaping my love of people. That I was learning, very subtly, we are similar to those that may live across the world or around the corner. After talking with my own kids, I found out they learned the same lesson.

So, here’s the thing. I’m sure this is what most families realize when they sail through it’s a small world. What else do we realize? We realize it’s a small world can never change. Ever. The small lesson we learn from the attraction becomes a big deal later on in life.

This is what Disney does. This is what Disney does ALL THE TIME. This is why we all love the magic of Disney Parks, movies, television shows, and more. This is why the lessons you learned from Cinderella and Snow White are the lessons your kids will learn, too.

So, it’s a small world can never go away. You hear that, Walt Disney World? Never ever. The Martin family says so. I mean, that’s OK to say, right? Thanks.

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  1. 5.23.16

    Yes and amen. That is what I love so much about Disney and even this attraction. Thanks for saying it so beautifully!