Strange Turn Of Events

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Strange turn of events

What a interesting turn of events this week has brought us. Within the past few days, we’ve viewed a house, bought a house, finished homeschool, packed for another magical Disney vacation, and gotten a new vacuum. So much has happened, I feel like my head is spinning. Oh, did you catch the house thing? Yeah, that’s happening. We are officially in contract for our very first home.

I’m not quite sure how this all happened. It was just weeks ago when my husband asked me if I was ready to start looking for homes. I knew the process would go quickly, and I THOUGHT I was ready for it. Listing after listing was sent, I vetoed this house for having a small kitchen, and that house for not having enough rooms. I’m sure he sent me at least 50 houses.

The excitement quickly turned to exhaustion, but I have butterflies. You know, the kind you get when you know something big is coming, but you have to trudge along until you get here? The kind you get the week before Christmas when you’re a little kid. It’s just enough time where you have to wait a bit, but it’s a short enough amount of time to get excited about the big day. Or if you’re married, it’s the feeling you get the day of your wedding when the hours seem to be going so slowly but at lightening speed simultaneously. THAT feeling.

My needs were simple for our first home: a big kitchen and 4 bedrooms.

That’s it. For this family that has lived in a two bedroom apartment for almost 6 years, this was lofty for me. 4 bedrooms? Girl, you tripping. But, that’s all I wanted. Boy, did I get what I want.

When I say we got our dream house, we definitely did. There’s something to say about waiting patiently, and saving up for what you want in life. It’s a pain to do it. It really is. But, once it’s time to receive your blessing, it will come VERY fast. Like our new Dyson vacuum. I’m not forgetting about that one. That’s a big deal to me!

When a strange turn of events happens, no one understands why. We all sit in wonderment, trying to figure out why the awful things happen on the heels of the exhilarating things. Why the ups match the downs. Why the blessings trump the heartbreak. They happen in this way because they are supposed to. Life is supposed to “happen,” and we end always muck it up by thinking out loud with a “why.”

My plan for the rest of this week? Put the “why” in my pocket and enjoy the “now” in my hand. Once I look away, that “now” will have disappeared into the past and a new now will have taken it’s place. Will it be as kind as my current situation? Maybe so, or probably not. Lucky for me, it’s not my job to keep track. It’s my job to live. So, I’m off to live. With Mickey Ears on.

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  1. 5.5.16
    Nichole said:

    A new vacuum?!? What a week! ?

    Congratulations on the house. I hope you share some pictures. I love new-house tours!

    • 5.12.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Dude. The vacuum is the real star of this. We’ve never owned one, just like we’ve never owned a house lol.

  2. 5.5.16
    Val said:


    • 5.12.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you, Val! Ha! I know you are excited with us.

  3. 5.5.16

    It’s so exciting and scary when it all happens at once like it seems to in life. Enjoy your magical trip and I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat to hear more about your house! So excited for you! Congrats!

    • 5.12.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you, sweet Kelly!

  4. 5.5.16

    So thrilled … yes, sometimes the perfect opportunity presents itself!
    Enjoy your vacation … and happy packing xxx

    • 5.12.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks, Nicole! <3

  5. 5.5.16
    Heather M said:

    Congratulations on your house! Have a great weekend.

    • 5.12.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks, Heather!

  6. 5.5.16
    Lashawn said:

    Congratulations!!! On both!!!

    • 5.12.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks, Lashawn!

  7. 5.5.16

    I can’t wait to hear your new house adventures! We moved in to our first house ever in February and it’s been quite an experience! And congrats on the new Dyson!

    • 5.12.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks, Sherry!

  8. 5.5.16

    Congrats! That is so exciting! I just had this convo with hubby this weekend…we need a bigger house so that we can bring more kids into our home. That we need to start sacrificing more to make that a reality and that I know we can do it because my friends have done it. Love you and I’m so proud of you. Have a great weekend!

    • 5.12.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you, Katherine! <3

  9. 5.5.16
    Jmo said:

    OH Amiyrah, I’m over the moon happy for you and your family. I still remember the first time we walked into our little 1,248 SF home-with a carport in front–that we built in Hawaii so many years ago. Please email me or pm me on FB with address–even if it’s pending. I’d love to look at photos on Zillow or Realtor because well, I consider myself a “real estate addict”. .

    And with that mortgage payment? You REALLY feel like an adult now… 🙂

  10. 5.5.16
    Bebe said:

    Congrats on your new home!. I hope you can share more information with your readers with helpful tips for buying a house. You said you finished homeschool. Do you mean for the school year or completely? Will your kids be attending public school near your new home? Have fun at Disney! I wish I was going too.

  11. 5.5.16

    When we found our house I cried. I never put the “noe” on my hand and let stress and worry consume me until months after we moved in.
    I know you are head strong and know how to put the “why” away; and I am SO incredibly happy for your family for this blessing!!!!

  12. 5.5.16
    Tania said:

    Aaaaah! So happy for you and your family!

  13. 5.6.16
    Tyshia said:

    Congrats!!!! That’s so awesome and can’t wait to read all about your new adventure in home ownership. Your list is super similar to mine. 4 bedrooms and a big kitchen are must haves! We’re a few years away from the goal but this is definitely inspo and motivation to keep pushing 🙂

  14. 5.27.16
    Lauren said:

    On pins and needles watching your excitement unfold! So halt for you and happy we ran into each other at #DisneySMMC. Can’t wait to see where your next adventure begins!