Behind The Scenes Fun with Bizaardvark

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After taking a behind the scenes tour of the new Disney Channel show, Bizaardvark, I think I may have a new favorite word. This show will be a favorite for your kids, especially if they love to watch YouTube videos. Like my kids. They are obsessed with online video.

What is Bizaardvark?

With it’s very unique name, and premise behind the show, I bet you are wondering what the show is, exactly.

The show is about Paige and Frankie, two young girls with their very own Vuuugle channel (see what they did there?) who create video content for their channel, Bizaardvark. They become Vuuugle stars through their funny music video like creations, and find an outlet for them to excel in and “find their people” since they are seen as outcasts at school.

Bizaardvark 5

During our behind the scenes tour of the set, we had the opportunity to watch the first episode of the show. I love how the show embraces the differences of the main characters, Paige and Frankie.

They are tween girls who have passions for things that we don’t see in other shows. They love their “weirdness” and unique outlooks on life, and their friends accept them for who they are.

Bizaardvark 3

Fun On The Bizaardvark Set

The set reflected the show perfectly. Very unique, and…ahem…interesting rooms where created. We also got to interview stars Olivia Rodrigo (“Paige Olvera”), Madison Hu (“Frankie Wong”), DeVore Ledridge (“Amelia Duckworth”) and Ethan Wacker (“Bernard ‘Bernie’ Schotz”) and Jake Paul (“Dirk Mann”). 

You can read all about the set secrets the Bizaardvark cast shared with us in this article

Bizaardvark 2.jpeg

Out of everything we were able to do during this Disney experience, my kids were most excited about my Bizaardvark set visit. Now I see why. This show is bound to be a hit!

Bizaardvark premieres this Friday, June 24th, on Disney XD.

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