Dollar Store Day Camp Week 1 – Bubbles!

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Dollar Store Day Camp Bubbles Week

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Dollar Store Day Camp has is now in full swing! To learn more about Dollar Store Day Camp, read our blog post.

This week we ventured into learning and playing with bubbles! Bubbles are one thing that EVERYONE will enjoy, from young and older kids, to parents. We had a great time this week with bubbles, and even ended the week with a bubble themed treat. Here’s what we did this week, and a full list of everything we purchased so you can create your own Dollar Store Day Camp bubbles week.

Day 1 – Make Your Own Bubble Solution

This was the most fun I had during the week. Yes, you can purchase bubble solution at the dollar store, but we found that when we make it ourselves, the solution is so much better (and the kids don’t use it up because they made it themselves). The reason why it was the most fun for me, is because we made a video! The little girl and I hopped onto Facebook Live to make the solution together. The full recipe is in the description of the video. Yes, the kids can make this on their own!

Day 2 – Ultimate Bubble Pop Game

This might be the easiest game ever. The best part? The kids will play it all day. Trust me. Here’s how to play:

Select a bubble blower. Mom or Dad and blow the bubbles for the kids, or the kids can blow bubbles for each other.

See how many bubbles the bubble popper can pop within 2 minutes.

Switch bubble poppers.

Once all players have popped bubbles, the winner is the one that popped the most.

Play, rinse, repeat.

My kids played this for a day and a half. They only stopped because they were running out of bubble solution, and wanted to make more. Again, another activity that kept them busy.

Day 3 – How Are Bubbles Made

We did enlist some screen time for this one. The kids wanted to learn how bubbles are made, and why we have to use the ingredients from our bubble solution. Off to YouTube we went. One of our favorite videos was one about how giant bubbles are made. Of course we wanted to make giant bubbles the next day. Since glycerin wasn’t in the budget, we decided to do something different. After they learned how bubbles are created, they went and made more bubble solution. That recipe is the gift that keeps on giving. Below, check out the video that we loved:

Day 4 – Find A Bubble Wand

Who wants to always use the same old bubble wands? For this day, I let the kids look through the items we have in the house, and use them as their new bubble wands. From spatulas to spoons, they came up with some interesting things to use. One of my favorites was using twist ties and chopsticks to make a homemade wand. If you don’t mind your kiddos getting creative with items already in the house, this is a perfect (and free) activity for them to do.

Day 5 – Bubble Tea Day!

On the last day of Dollar Store Day Camp weeks, we tend to be a little lax. It’s usually a day dedicated to having a treat that fits the theme. The kids play the games or activities they tried all week, then we either make a treat or go out to have one. This week, I saved 6 dollars of our 25 dollar budget so we could grab bubble teas from a local shop. The kids never had bubble tea, so this was really fun for them. If we would have stayed home, we could have made something that creates bubbles when it cooks. One fun treat that comes to mind is honey comb. It makes bubbles from the baking soda in the recipe, and that would have been fun for the kids to experience and talk about. Maybe we’ll save that one for science week.

Our Bubbles Week List

Here is the list of the items we purchased for bubbles week:

3 Bubble Wands with Trays

Corn Syrup (will cost more than a dollar)

Dish Detergent

2 Plastic Pitchers

Are you an amazon prime shopper? Here’s all the items you need, for around $25:

Bubble Wand with Trays

Corn Syrup

Dish Detergent

1 Gallon Plastic Pitcher

Have fun popping those bubbles, and we’ll see you next week!

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