Exclusive Interview with Finding Dory’s Eugene Levy

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Exclusive interview with Finding Dory's Eugene Levy, who plays Charlie in the film.

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One of our final interviews was with the hilarious Eugene Levy, one of America’s favorite TV and movie dads. In Finding Dory, he plays…you guessed it…Dory’s Dad, Charlie. We had the chance to sit down with Eugene and talk to him about this role, the humor in parenting, and how Charlie represents every dad we’ve grown to know and love.

Q: How did you get to be part of Finding Dory?

Eugene: I got a phone call and it was a lovely call, you know, asking me to be a part of it. Of course I said yes, kind of jumped at it. Didn’t take too much thinking to be involved in the sequel to Finding Nemo, so it was lovely.

Charlie and Jenny Finding Dory

Eugene and Diane Keaton Recorded Together Once

Diane Keaton plays Jenny, Dory’s mom. Eugene and Diane had the opportunity to record together during voice-overs.

Eugene: I did have one session that I worked with Diane, and we were in different cities. I was in Toronto, she was in Los Angeles, and they hooked up cameras so that I could see her on a monitor in my studio, and she could see me on a monitor in her studio. When I was working with Diane…I was kind of mesmerized by just watching her on the monitor working, even though I was doing a scene with her.

Finding Dory Charlie

Q: What were the biggest challenges in doing this film?

Eugene: The role was written as kind of a nice dad. I’ve played a nice dad before. The character (Charlie) was written to be kind of a bit of a jokester in a dad kind of way, which is not necessarily really funny but thinking he’s really funny, sometimes embarrassingly funny.

I know a few dads like that. I might be married to one. Ha!

Exclusive interview with Finding Dory's Eugene Levy, who plays Charlie in the film.

Eugene’s Favorite Character Might Be Yours Too

Q: Besides your own character, which is your favorite character?

I’d have to say, the little Dory is my favorite character because when I first heard that little voice I honestly got so emotional. I’ve never heard anything so sweet in my life.

Q: I really like the parenting that Dory’s parents used in the film. Do you think that gives extra hope, advice or support to parents who have children with disabilities?

Eugene: I mean, I hope so. But, I think that parents who do have kids with disabilities by and large know what they have to do and how to do it because it takes a lot of patience and perseverance. If they pick up anything from this movie, that would be a wonderful thing.

Exclusive interview with Finding Dory's Eugene Levy, who plays Charlie in the film.

What a fantastic ending to a great interview, and to our Finding Dory experience. Have you seen Finding Dory yet? It’s in theaters now!

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