How To Prepare For Emergencies On A Budget

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How To Prepare For Emergencies On A Budget

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There’s something about knowing you have things under control. I mean, as a parent, it rarely happens. Since kids are human obstacle courses, and life always has something new and interesting to throw at us, it’s pretty special when we can sit back and go “man, I got this.”

In the past few years, it’s been a little easier to prepare for just about anything. has been a big deal for our family, since our experience with Hurricane Sandy. Like many in New Jersey, we lost power. My parents were unable to live in their own home for 10 days due to dangerous power lines in the middle of their street. No power meant that the food they were storing in their fridge, extra fridge and deep freezer was in jeopardy of going bad. They were homeless for almost 2 weeks. So, what did they do? They bought their food, and themselves, into our 2 bedroom apartment.

After those long days of having 6 people stuffed in a 2 bedroom apartment, I knew I need to be more prepared the next time we had a situation like this. Better yet, I wanted to prepare for emergencies on a budget. I’ve seen articles all over the place about “how to prepare for natural disasters.” Not only did they almost scare the heck out of me, their suggestions seemed really expensive and time consuming. How do I prepare without having to dig into savings, and the little time I have?

Live Prepared Standard Kit

have everything me and my family will need in an emergency and the clean-up afterwards. And since we have young kids, this form of emergency preparedness ensures they’ll be as comfortable, well-fed and safe as possible.

I love that the Home Kit contains everything we need, and that it’s within our budget. We can give up a certain percentage of our monthly “fun money” to purchase a kit, and feel safe and prepared. One-stop shopping that doesn’t cost a million dollars.

Live Prepared Standard Kit 1

So, can we talk about food for a minute? Food is my love language, so whether we are preparing for emergencies or not, I need good food in the mix. Canned stuff is OK, but delicious dinners are better. Live Prepared has food in their kits that ACTUALLY TASTES AMAZING. for review, and really enjoyed the Mac and Cheese. As someone who has eaten MREs (meals ready to eat), I welcome anything that can last for a long time but tastes good.  And yes, you can make it right in the pouch.

The best part about investing in Live Prepared is peace of mind. I know there’s a Home Kit all set for us IF something happens. That’s me saying it yet again: man, I got this.

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  1. 6.28.16
    Kim Kopecky said:

    I honestly don’t think about an emergency kit until one is needed. It would be great to have one

  2. 7.1.16
    Lesley S. said:

    Love the idea of these kits. These would make great graduation gifts!
    Safety is an attitude!