Kaitlin Olson talks Finding Dory, Destiny, & Goofball Motherhood

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We continue with our Finding Dory coverage today with our interview with Kaitlin Olson. Kaitlin voices Destiny in Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory. If you are fan of Always Sunny In Philadelphia, like I am, you are pretty much geeking out right now. As a fan of the show, I was pretty excited about this interview, and knew that it would be insightful and pretty funny. Well, it was. I enjoyed hearing Kaitlin’s experience voicing Destiny, and how she takes on motherhood as a working mom. Read on to learn more about Kaitlin.

Kaitlin Loves Pixar Movies For All The Right Reasons

Kaitlin shared that she was honored to be part of a Disney•Pixar film, and loves having her 2 kiddos watch them in their home. They really are meant for the whole family to enjoy.

“That’s why I love Pixar movies so much. You can truly get emotional when you’re watching them. They’re funny and they’re fun to have in the background. They really truly are my favorite kids movies. They’re just amazing movies; they’re sweet and they have good messages.”

Kaitlin Olson Finding Dory Destiny

Destiny’s Imperfection Is Perfect

“I like that she can’t swim well, and that she’s imperfect. There’s just something so great about that. There’s something imperfect about all of (the characters).”

Kaitlin Loved Doing A Movie Her Kids Could Watch

Always Sunny In Philadelphia is NOT a show for kids, so Kaitlin jumped at the chance to be part of a project that her kids could watch. When filming for Finding Dory started, Kaitlin was pregnant with her second child. It was surreal for her to remember starting the project, and then being able to sit next to her now 4 year old, and have him watch the final movie with her.

“I’m really focused on movies and shows that you want to sit down and watch with your family, because that’s where I am in my life now. It’s important to me to work on things where we can all get excited and watch together.”

Ty and Kaitlin Got To Improvise During Voiceovers

Ty Burrell voices the role of Bailey, a beluga whale with an interesting ailment. Bailey and Destiny have some really funny scenes in Finding Dory. Ty and Kaitlin actually had two sessions where they were able to record together.

“I got to work twice with Ty, which was the most fun. Ty is truly the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most generous person. He’s amazing. I loved working with him. We improvise a lot on my show (Always Sunny In Philadelphia); it’s kind of what I’m used to. It was great for me to work with him. We came up with a lot of cool stuff that way.”

Kaitlin Olson Finding Dory

Her Kids Are Her First Priority

While she may be a movie star, Kaitlin is just like every other mom: her kids are the most important thing to her.

“My kids are 100% my priority, so I don’t take (projects) that will take me away from them too much. I recently agreed to do this pilot called The Mick, so I’ll be shooting that next year. I said I wanted to produce it so I could make sure that it was not only the vision that I wanted, but that I could also have a little bit of control over the schedule. I always want to be there for bedtime. It’s rare that I go a day without seeing them. I just do the best I can, like everyone else.”

Humor Is A Big Part Of Her Family Life

This isn’t a shocker, but humor is important in Kaitlin’s family life. The real shocker is that it’s not the biggest part:

“Patience is number one, then humor. At the end of hard day, it’s like, ‘why couldn’t you have just laughed when he drew on the wall?’ You know what I mean? I think it’s of the utmost importance. As long as I can be a total goofball and they think I’m a goofy idiot, I’m perfectly happy with that.”

Kaitlin Olson Finding Dory 2

She’s freaking wonderful! Thank you, Kaitlin, for allowing us to interview you.

Finding Dory hits theaters this Friday, June 17th!


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