That First Tooth & Armageddon

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I remember when I first learned what the word “hysteric” meant. Would you like to know? Here’s the definition:

A wildly emotional and exaggerated reaction.

Once I knew the definition, I always associated it with grown-ups. Then I had children who experienced that first tooth. Hysterics? Belong to the kids. Let’s talk about Baby Frugal’s first tooth, shall we?

I was 2 kiddos in by the time he cut his first tooth. I was ready. I had the Baby Orajel stocked, the washcloths in the freezer, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a few weeks. No worries. I got this. But, I didn’t. My poor, sweet baby was in pain with that first tooth. I was in pain for him. We did a lot of cuddling during that time. We also introduced his baby toothbrush during that hysterical bought. Turns out, it was the only thing that soothed him, besides snuggling up in the crook of Mama’s neck. Wilding emotional, indeed.


So, from an early age, Baby Frugal was a fan of the toothbrush. I have to admit, when my kids cut their first tooth, I get all the feels. That’s when you realize they won’t be your baby for very long. That’s when their toothless grin is no more. That’s when you starting thing about all the solid foods you can’t wait to introduce them to. You grow with them. It’s magical.

Nowadays, cutting a tooth is more like armageddon around here. He knows the drill.

My tooth is coming in. Give me a popsicle. 

My tooth is coming in. Give me more food to chew, EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT HUNGRY.

My tooth is coming in. Treat me like the prince that I am. 

Typical hysterics, but they still make me smile, because the toothbrush is always his favorite.


Things to do when that first tooth hits:

  • Properly clean their first tooth and gums
  • Use Baby Orajel Tooth and Gum Cleanser after meals, to ensure you child has a clean and healthy mouth.
  • Don’t be afraid to use cold washcloths, or a wet toothbrush to soothe the gums around their first tooth. It will get them used to having their mouth and teeth cleaned a few times a day.
  • Visit to learn more tips about early tooth and gum care.

But most of all, know that first tooth experience will never happen again. Even though it may seem like the hysterics are on overload, enjoy them. You’ll have quite a story to tell once they are older.

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