OREO Treats with Dad

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Some days, treat trips are made extra special when Dad gets to tag along. Learn our our treat trips with OREO, and the #OREOSummerSweepstakes! #sponsored

This post was written by me through an activation with HireInfluence on behalf of OREO cookies. Although I received compensation for participating in the campaign, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

We always plan special trips with the kids that don’t include a long drive, or a flight to another state or country. We call these treat trips, and anytime we can do them with Dad it makes them so much more fun.

My husband is a hard worker. Anytime he can put in overtime at work, he does so. Side hustles are another thing he embraces. Whatever we can do to bring more to our household, he’s all about it. But, this means that some weekends, we don’t see him. And while our treat trips are fun when it’s just me and the kids, it’s always better when Dad tags along.

During this special treat trip, we decided to hit up a favorite place of ours, and indulge in some OREO treats. While I decided to go with an OREO Sundae Dasher (which the baby shared with me, and then knocked out of my hand), the other members of our crew went with a scoop of OREO mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone. It was glorious! The place was hopping, so we decided to take ours to-go, and eat it right in the parking lot. Since this place is known for it’s ice cream and deliciously frosty treats, it didn’t surprise me that they were busy. It almost validated our decision to visit during this special treat trip.

These awesome moments are ones that I know my kids will remember. They also get them dreaming about what other adventures we can have in the days ahead, maybe ones that DO include a voyage via airplane or an epic road trip. This is why we’re excited about OREO Summer of Wonder Promotion.

OREO wants to give their fans a chance to win one of 7 Wonderfilled Adventures! To enter, share a picture of you enjoying an OREO treat at any restaurant. Any. You choose! It could be of a beverage, ice cream, cake, whatever you discover!  Add the hashtag #OREOSummerSweepstakes and tag @OREO. Winners will pick from adventures that include:

  • New York City Landmarks
  • Grand Canyon Tour
  • Rocky Mountain Ski Trip
  • California Redwood Tour
  • Iconic Food Festival
  • Cruise to Alaska
  • Las Vegas Getaway

Want to Win Something Cool Right Now?

You can win a $25 gift card by guessing where we got our OREO treats during our treat trip. One winner will be randomly selected to receive a $25 VISA gift card. Enter below and good luck!

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  1. 8.16.16
    Elizabeth said:

    Cool giveaway. We don’t do ice cream out very often but I introduced my youngest to vanilla ice cream with two Oreos crumbled & then mixed in. He LOVES it.