Amiyrah’s Outfit of The Week – 9/23/16

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It’s been a while! Well, we’re finally back with the outfit of the week series, and this week’s outfit is pretty appropriate. Fall ended yesterday, so I want to highlight one of my favorite summer outfits of all time.

I almost should be embarrassed at how much I wore this outfit of the past few months. Instead of the outfit of the week, I should call this the outfit of the summer. Plus, this outfit just make me happy. Look how happy I look above! That’s true joy.


This sleeveless shirt is a score from Target. I purchased another shirt just like this, but in a striped pattern. Both were fun to wear this summer.


The pants are awesomeness I found at Forever 21. They look like fancy pajamas, and they FEEL like fancy pajamas. Can you figure out why I wore this outfit so much this summer? Fancy. Pajama. Pants.


These royal blue tassel sandals are from JustFab. Have you guys gotten tired of me talking about JustFab yet? No? Good. I purchased some cute fall and winter shoes from JustFab recently. If you’d like me to do a post about them, let me know.


I’m going to miss summer, but I can’t wait to tackle my fall fashion capsule. The post about my fall fashion capsule will be up soon, as well. Warning: every item is cute.

Want to see a few of my other favorite summer outfits? Check out this video:

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