Outfit of the Week 10/7

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outfit of the week 10/7

We’re rocking and rolling with these outfit of the week posts! Can I admit I’m having fun with these? My husband has been my photographer for these shoots, and we’ve been getting to know each other again through “fashion” photography. Basically, he’s learning how to use our cameras, and I’m learning how NOT to tell what to do with the cameras. It’s been lovely.

outfit of the week 10/7

This week’s outfit is another fun, fall ensemble. Don’t I look so seriously model-like in these photos? It’s all an act.

outfit of the week 10/7

This dusty rose sweater with awesome eyelet detail is from Le Tote. Yes, Let Tote again. I’m loving them so much this year. I love how warm yet thin this sweater is. It’s going to work for fall and winter.

outfit of the week 10/7

Do you remember these boyfriend jeans from last week? Yup, the functional fashion capsule strikes again. These jeans are from Target, by the way.

outfit of the week 10/7

This week, we did pair the boyfriend jeans with a SICK pair of jean heels. I grabbed these lovelies from JustFab, and I have to admit, they aren’t the most comfortable. But, boy do they look fabulous. I tend to wear these on date nights when I know we’ll be doing lots of sitting. Or, for fancy photo shoots in the park. Natch.

outfit of the week 10/7

I’m curious: do you have a pair of shoes that look so amazing on your feet, but are that comfortable? Let me know in the comments below.

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