Places To Sell Kids Clothes

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Here are the best places and tips to sell kids clothes fast – both online and in your local area. 
Want to sell kids clothes, and make some extra cash? Check out these 7 places to sell kids clothing.

As a mom of 3, I’m always on the lookout for places to not only get quality secondhand kids clothing, but places to sell kids clothes. We do a great job of keeping our kids clothes in good condition, so if I can get a few dollar back for doing so, I’m all for it. These are 7 places to sell kids clothes that we love to use.

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Where To Sell Kids Clothes


This has been every mom’s default for selling clothes online. ThredUp is our last stop when trying to sell kids clothes, as the clothes end up being donated if ThredUp can’t add them to their inventory.

Please note that ThredUp has recently changed their procedures, and are charging a fee for taking in your clothing. Again, I would use ThredUp as your last resort when selling kids clothing because of these new developments.


Kidizen is an app that is available in IOS and Android. What we love about kids clothing resale apps is that they are almost always user-friendly. Kidizen is no different. We also love that Kidizen is a community, as well as a place to sell your kids clothing.

Once Upon A Child

We use Once Upon A Child to sell kids clothes at least quarterly. The reason we love this brick and mortar store for re-sale of kids clothing is because of the quality and customer incentives.

At our Once Upon A Child, you not only get to sell your quality clothing, but you get your loyalty card stamped each time you do. With each stamp, you get closer to a 15% discount on a future purchase. I’m not sure if this is offered at every store, but it’s worth asking about when you visit Once Upon A Child.

Kid to Kid

Kid to Kid is another brick and mortar store we love to use to sell kids clothes. They are a re-sale store, similar to Once Upon A Child. They also have stores available nationwide, so be sure to check out their store locator for one near you.

Want to sell kids clothes, and make some extra cash? Check out these 7 places to sell kids clothing.

Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups

Facebook has conveniently added the Marketplace to our accounts, due to the popularity of these buy/sell/trade groups. Whether you like the new update or not, it does provide an easy way to sell your kids clothing, or anything else you may want to put up for purchase.

My friend Stacy has a great post on her website about Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups, and how to make great money using them. Actually, her husband Barry wrote the post. Check it out!


Poshmark is quickly becoming a great app to sell kids clothes, and find some quality, long lasting pieces. When my girl recently needed new jeans, I found lots of options on Poshmark. The bonus was that I didn’t need to leave the house to get them. 

If selling kids clothes on Poshmark, use their special kids clothing sale days to sell quickly. Also, if you bundle up your kids clothes by size, you should have no problems getting them sold.

Use code AMIYRAHM when you sign up for Poshmark, and you’ll get $10 to shop the sales!

Just Between Friends

This is a regional consignment event, but they do offer them all over the U.S. I’ve had many friends and readers say that they have found the best deals for clothing at JBF. They’ve also said that consigning at JBF has been a phenomenal experience. To learn more about Just Between Friends, visit their website.

What websites, apps, or online resources do you use to sell kids clothes? Share with us in the comments below.

Want to sell kids clothes, and make some extra cash? Check out these 7 places to sell kids clothing.

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