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I’m at yet another drill weekend, and I figured this would be the perfect time to answer some questions I’ve been asked over the last few months about my military duty. I used to do a YouTube series called “Ask A Military Chick,” and I have to admit that I miss it. This post might be a catalyst to me starting that series again. But, for now, let’s answers the questions you all have been asking lately.

Will You Deploy Again?

This is the question I get asked ALL THE TIME. The short answer? Yes. As long as I’m in the military, there is a high chance I will be deployed. Do I know when? No. We never know until we need to know, and we are told to never share when we are deploying until we are pretty already there. So, deployment is always on the table for me. That’s military life, folks.


What Do You Do?

I’m a Munitions Specialist. Basically, I build bombs and missiles. It’s an interesting job with very interesting people. Ha! We always say in AMMO that we are a rare breed.

How Long Have You Been In The Military?

I’ve been in for 16 years. 16 YEARS! I still can’t believe that’s true. I always forget that I joined the military when I was a teen, so when I look back at all the years I’ve been in, I think two things:

  1. Why have I been in for so long?
  2. Why am I not tired of this yet?

Here’s the thing: I am tired of it. There, I said it. It’s been 16 years, and I’m almost over it all. BUT…this is what EVERY service member thinks once they get past the 12 year (or so) mark. I’m ready to quit every other drill. Then I remember all of the benefits I’ll get once I’m older. I just have to get to 20 years. 4 more years. 4. More. Years.

What’s The Worst Thing About Being In The Military?

Well, there are many things that bug me, but I don’t think I have a worst thing. As a guardsman, I do wish there was more support for our families. Unless you work on base every day, or are active duty, there is no big support for families of guardsmen. During my last deployment, my husband as basically on his own with our older two kids. It was a big strain on our marriage, too. When you are active duty, and live on base, there are so many resources for spouses to use when their Airmen are deployed. I wish we had that support.

What’s The Best Thing About Being In The Military?

My brothers. I call them my brothers because that’s exactly who they are. They watch my back and save my life when we are deployed; we attend one another’s weddings, anniversary parties, birthday trips, and more. THEY are the real reason I’ve been in for so long. My brothers mean the world to me, and I would bury a body with them. True story.

Do you have any military questions you’d love to ask me? Share in the comments below, and I’ll answer!

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