Why I Don’t Eat Breakfast

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Why I Don't Eat Breakfast

Everyone has their vices. My biggest vice, since having children, is that I don’t eat breakfast. Well, I don’t eat breakfast everyday. I know. I KNOW. This is the worst thing you can do to your body, and your day, and all that other business. I’ve heard it all. But, I just can’t seem to get it together when it comes to having breakfast every morning. The excuses run the gambit, so I want to share those petty, ridiculous excuses with you. And, for good measure, I’ll share what I’m going to change about this breakfast situation.

I Don’t Have Time To Eat

Ok, this is the excuse every busy mom uses, and it’s my current excuse. When I find I have time, I use it to catch up on online work, clean up the house, or sit and read The Bible or a book. Adding in a meal to that mix will make me stop what I’m doing and actually eat. Who has time for that? I remember growing up and not really sitting for breakfast during busy school mornings. I either eat a quick bowl of cereal before we ran out the door, or I ate breakfast in the car on the way to school. Sitting and eating that first meal of the day was reserved for weekends when we had more time. If I have time now, I use it to get my house in order, rather than to get my body in order. I know, it’s lame.

I Can’t Sit To Eat

This is my other excuse/problem. During weekday mornings, it feels ridiculous for me to sit down and eat breakfast. There’s so many things I could be doing rather than sitting on my butt, eating a meal (see excuse number 1). Here’s the thing: I always make breakfast for the rest of the family, and have them eat. But, I don’t sit with them to eat. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? This isn’t true on weekends, though. We have a later breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, which I cook, and we all sit to eat together. Weekends are a bit more relaxed, which is why I give myself permission to sit and enjoy a big breakfast. Again, this is what we did when I grew up. If only every weekday was Saturday.

I Like A Hearty Breakfast

What to hear something funny? When I’m NOT at home, I always eat breakfast. When I travel for work or for military duty, I load up on hearty breakfast goodies. I never miss a meal when I’m not at home, but when I’m at home, I have no issues not eating breakfast. I think this is because I love a hearty breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, and coffee WITH a side of juice. Yeah, I can eat it all when I’m not at home. But, on a weekday, there is no way I could cook and serve that. My time is limited (see excuse number 1 again). So, we tend to stick with easy, frugal breakfasts. Most of those meals are quick to make, but they aren’t hearty enough for Mama.

I Don’t Drink Enough Water

I’ve always struggled with water intake, since I don’t like drinking it. I’ve never liked drinking water. If I do drink it now, it has to be filtered or in a bottle (preferably Dasani). The thing about water, when you drink it as soon as you wake up, is that it causes your body to crave sustenance. Basically, if you drink a glass of water when you wake up, you’ll be hungry for breakfast. Yes, I know I need to do this, but I don’t.

Why I Don't Eat Breakfast

How I’m Going To Start Eating Breakfast

Now that I’ve stated all of my lame excuses, here’s what I’m going to do to get myself to eat more breakfast.

  • Cook breakfasts I’m going to eat. This may mean that I’m making sausage and eggs every morning, or reheating pancakes I made at the beginning of the week, but I have to cook things I know I’ll eat. Bonus: the rest of the family likes hearty meals too, so they’ll love this new development.
  • Set a timer. Yes, I’m a busy body, but if I make myself sit for at least 10 minutes to eat breakfast, I won’t feel guilty about it. 10 minutes is nothing out of my day, but it’s long enough for me to get a full breakfast in my body.
  • Drink water in the morning before I do anything else. This one will be difficult for me. I admit it. But, I will make an effort to do this. Will I do it every morning? I don’t know.
  • Get an accountability partner. I already have an accountability partner in mind: my daughter. She may be 6, but she’s a stickler about doing the right things. When I explain to her why it’s important for Mom to sit and eat breakfast with her and her siblings, and to have a glass of water in the morning, she’ll make sure I do it. She’s my favorite tough cookie.
  • Stop looking at breakfast as a chore. The real reason behind me not having breakfast like I should is that I see it as something the whole world says I “need” to do. I’m a bit of a rebel, so if you tell me I need to do something, I’ll go out of my way to NOT do it. I have to see breakfast as something delicious and fun, and I have to stop listening to the peanut gallery that keeps telling me how “good” it is for me. Supposedly kale is good for me too. No thanks.

That’s it. My confession is that I don’t eat breakfast, but I plan to change that.

Do you eat breakfast? If you don’t eat breakfast, did any of these “excuses” resonate with you?

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  1. 11.3.16
    Bebe said:

    Are you actually hungry in the morning? Are you healthy? If you are not hungry and are healthy I don’t see any reason to force yourself to eat breakfast. I wish I didn’t wake up starving. Sometimes I dream about what I will have for breakfast the next morning. Good tips though and now I am hungry for sausage and eggs.

    • 11.3.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Those are great questions! I mostly don’t get hungry until around 9am or so, but “they” say you shouldn’t wait until you’re actually hungry to eat. It’s so frustrating! I know having breakfast is important, but it’s always a struggle for me unless I’m traveling. The travel makes sense, since my body is doing “extra” things, and needs more nourishment to keep up. This will be an interesting journey.