Fall Sightings and Adventure

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Fall sightings

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We love the sights of fall. Every season has it’s perks, but fall seems to have a special place in our family’s hearts. From pumpkin patches, to apple picking and more, we seem always find something fun to do in the fall. This year, since we are in a new state and neighborhood, we decided to take our fall adventures nearby. Across the street, to be exact.

Fall sightings

We are surrounded by 3 very large parks in our new neighborhood. These aren’t any regular parks. They are filled with walking paths, creeks, open spaces for running, interesting art pieces and the usual playground antics of swings and slides. We took an afternoon to explore one of the parks filled with beautiful fall sightings.


Don’t you just love the colors of fall? The deep reds, vibrant yellows, and breathtaking orange leaves (my favorite), make a walk with the family even more fun. The kids have a great time spotting all the different colors of fall during our adventures. They also have a blast climbing on each and everything they can. We bundled them up for the cool weather, and let them go at it.


Speaking of bundling up, am I the only mom that can’t wait to grab new hats and gloves for her kiddos each season? This year, we ran to Family Dollar to grab some of their adorable hat and glove sets for the kids.

Fall sightings

I love how affordable and fun the hat and glove sets were. All of the winter accessories at Family Dollar were just the right price; I even grabbed accessories for my husband and me. I just had to grab the pack of brightly colored gloves. Bright things make me happy.


I plan on going back to Family Dollar and stocking up on more accessories. Is it just my kids, or do they seems to ALWAYS lose their winter hats and gloves only a few weeks into fall? This mama plans to have extras, ready to go.


The sights that we saw that day were so amazing. The best sight was seeing our kids enjoy nature at its finest. Fall, you sure know how to show off.


Be sure to visit your local Family Dollar, and grab winter accessories that will fit your style and your budget. Also, get out there and enjoy the fall. It’s a great time to create your own adventure!

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