We Love ALDI’s Little Journey Diapers

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ALDI’s Little Journey Diapers keep your baby clean and dry at a fraction of the cost of other diaper brands. Check out this full review of the entire Little Journeys Line! 

Baby with Little Journey Diapers

This is a sponsored post on behalf of ALDI.

Our smallest kiddo seems to be the one that is most most particular. He likes what he likes, and if he doesn’t like something? Game over. It’s no surprise he’s like this. This is how our whole family is. We have our favorites when it comes to almost everything.

If you’re new to 4 Hats and Frugal, you may not know that we are ALDI fans. We shop there at least weekly, and proudly call ourselves an ALDI family.

When we were able to try the new Little Journey Diapers Line at ALDI, I have to admit, I was nervous. What if Baby Frugal didn’t like any of the line? From diapers to baby and toddler snacks, to bath care, there was potential for us to start saving even more on these items. But, only if our toddler boy enjoyed them.

Well, after giving them a go, we now have 5 reasons we love ALDI’s Little Journey Line. Toddler tested, toddler approved.

little journey diapers

Little Journey Diapers Cover Lots of Bums

Besides the Little Journey diapers being great quality, they also have them in many sizes. From newborn to size 6, the diaper selection is vast and will cover kiddos of many sizes. Baby Frugal is up to size 4, and has no interest in potty training, so I’m always looking for diaper lines that have the bigger sizes.

He was also the smallest of all my babies, so seeing that that a newborn size is offered makes me jump for joy for other mamas that may have been in the same position I was in when Baby Frugal was born. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn Little Journey diapers won the Parent Tested Parent Approved award. I frequent that website to see what new and classic items are resonating with other parents, so this was cool to find out about.

boy with little journey snacks

A Variety of Toddler Snack Selections

Do you have a toddler that obsesses over one snack for months and months, then decides he doesn’t like that snack anymore and wants to try something new? Yeah, me too. One of my favorite things about ALDI is that they always have our staples available at their stores.

Because of that, I was afraid that they wouldn’t offer many toddler snack options in the new Little Journey line. Thankfully, that’s not the case. From cheddar cheese to veggie little munchers, to yogurt bites for kiddos ages 9 months and up, Baby Frugal will have lots of snack options.

young boy with little journey snack

Organic Food Options

I already mentioned snacks, but I have to make sure to share my favorite thing about this line: the organic foods! The organic baby food puree was a sight I loved seeing on the shelves of my local ALDI. We’re trying to incorporate more all natural and organic items into our groceries, but we are on a tight budget.

Being ALDI shoppers has allowed us an affordable way to do so. Plus, the squeezable option of these foods make me so happy. Baby Frugal is very stubborn independent, so the squeezable food purees allow him to eat like a “big boy.”

The Price Is Right

When purchasing the new Little Journey Line, ALDI shoppers will save up to 50%, compared to national brands. As someone who likes to have a deal right off the bat, without having to do parlor tricks or cut coupons, this is great. When I saw the pricing in my local ALDI, I realized that I didn’t have to keep searching for deals on baby items in other stores.

I could now get everything we usually get for Baby Frugal during our weekly ALDI trip.

5 Reasons We Love ALDI's Little Journey Line

One-Stop Shopping

Adding the new Little Journey Line to ALDI stores means that busy parents can now officially call ALDI their one-stop grocery store. Healthy food? Check. Snacks? Check. Award-winning diapers? Double check.

We can purchase premium products at prices up to 50% less than those at traditional grocery stores. Saving time and money; that sounds like music to a busy parent’s ears.

Have you tried the new Little Journey Line at ALDI? What is your favorite product, so far?

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