The Magic of A Backyard

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The Magic of A Backyard

I always imagined that having a backyard would be magical. The magic of a backyard is something that you don’t think too much about until you have one (or until you spend an extended amount of time in someone else’s). When we decided on our new home, I didn’t understand the importance of the big backyard. That is, until the sellers offered to fence it in for us.

What is it with fences? Why do they make people so happy? The idea of a fence made me upset at first, because it seems like the intention is to tell people “stay out of my space.” Maybe it’s the nice girl in me, but that idea made me feel some kind of way. But, once we saw the fenced-in backyard, I realized what the magic of a backyard really was: it’s a place to pin in your crazy children.

Ha! When we let the kids run in the backyard for the first time, a lightbulb went off in my head. I immediately heard myself saying “OK, you all need to get OUT of the house. Go run in the backyard.” Ooh the magic! I can send them to a perfectly safe space, on our property, and have them out of my hair. I can watch them from the kitchen, from our bedroom, and even from the baby’s bedroom if I’m stuck in there folding clothes.

If we ever get a dog (it’s totally possible now), I can send them AND the dog outside. Good God, thank you for a fenced-in backyard! So, what’s the magic of a backyard? It’s that I have an outdoor holding cell for my offspring. They can walk the yard whenever I want them to. Hallelujah.

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  1. 11.8.16
    Jaime said:

    When we bought our house, a fenced in yard was on my list of must-haves. Our son is old enough now that I can trust he’ll stay in the yard, and won’t try to escape. (I’m always close by, but there’s a little bit of peace of mind at this age.) I absolutely love a good yard! Will you attempt to garden next spring/summer? (That was also one reason I wanted a good yard.)

  2. 11.8.16

    I felt that way too when my husband bought our home. A total Sound of Music, romping in the hills kind of thing. Until I started gardening. Then the thought of my child throwing balls, stomping, or coming near my begonias, with my three dogs, perish the thought! My containing cell moved way to the left! Great post!

  3. 11.10.16

    I completely agree! We have a small back yard right now, and I have decided we need to find our “forever” family home with a bigger garden where our children can run around. We do have a dog, and he needs space as well 🙂

  4. 11.11.16
    Adam said:

    A backyard is a magical, wonderful place – especially when you have kids and dogs to take care of.