The Ornament Tradition

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The Ornament Tradition

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Each holiday season, our family dived into our usual traditions. We make cookies and treats together, watch our favorite movies, and do the cuddle thing on the couch when the cold weather makes its appearance. But, my favorite thing to do every holiday season is the ornament tradition.

Each year, we take the kids to a store, and we let them pick out a new ornament for our Christmas tree. They can pick anything they want, and that’s the magic of this tradition. You never know what their little eyes will find. A pizza ornament, a teeny tiny gaming system ornament, you name it. This year, Baby Frugal got to pick for the first time.

The Ornament Tradition

It was fun to see him take to the process so quickly. He saw everyone else grab their favorites, and immediately looked around for his. Then, we brought him home, and showed him how to place it on the tree.

The Ornament Tradition

As I watched him figure out how to place his new BB-8 ornament on the tree, I remembered watching his siblings do the same. Their little cherub faces in the twilight of the Christmas tree lights. Their frustration when their ornament wouldn’t stay on the tree the first time. Their delight when it finally stays. And their excitement when I tell them that now they can have a cookie in celebration.

Cookies and ornaments. That’s what the holidays mean to my kids, especially Baby Frugal.

The Ornament Tradition

With all of these traditions, especially the edible ones, we have to make sure our little kiddo keeps up with his dental hygiene. Plus, it’s all about the white teeth when taking our holiday pictures, am I right? We make sure Baby Frugal continues with his routine of brushing twice a day, even if we are out all day and night having a holiday blast with friends and family. And if I feel he’s had a ridiculous amount of sweets, I am known to brush his teeth right after.

For more information about how to take care of your toddler’s teeth during the holidays, check out this Orajel link: How To Care for Gums and First Teeth.

What are your family’s holiday traditions?

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