Gifts For Tweens: K’Nex Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster

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K'Nex Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster

This post was sponsored on behalf of K’NEX. All opinions stated are my own.

Having a tween in the house has been an interesting journey so far. Besides the whole “needing deodorant” thing, it’s also been eye-opening to see how our oldest has changed the way he plays. Yes, he’s definitely a tablet and game system kid, but with the right kind of toy, he will sit down and take on a challenge. The K’Nex Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster was a challenge he happily accepted, and I’m pretty sure it’s one the best gifts for tweens right now.

K'Nex Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster

I haven’t seen Brandon this excited to tackle a toy in a while. He opened the box, emptied out all of the 580 pieces, and got to work. He opened the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, and it was so fun to watch him go. We even asked him if he wanted help, but he decided to do it all on his own. I guess that was the tween in him.

Peeking into his room while he worked led me to giggle a bit. There were parts where he really had to be gentle when connecting, and their were parts that were a breeze for him. The best part? He spent about 2 hours of time without looking at a screen. It’s a holiday miracle!

K'Nex Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster

My 11 year old got down on the carpet, and used his hands to build something amazing. In this touch-screen age, toys like this are so important, especially for tweens and teens.

K'Nex Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster

The K’Nex Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster is recommended for ages 9 and older and is retailed at 32.97; a great price for the holidays! At 2 1/2 feet high, this carnival themed coaster includes a motorized chain-lift that propels the coaster car through 14-feet of twisting, turning track. This set is exclusively available at Walmart. K’NEX building sets allow you to build massive, moving, motorized roller coaster toys, ferris wheels, and more for hours of heart-pounding fun!

Are you looking for creative gifts for tweens? What’s on our shopping list?

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  1. 12.12.16
    Cheyanne said:

    YES!!!! I’m about 30 and I still get WAY excited when I see knex!!! LOL