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Circle Word for 2017


My word for 2017. Without even trying, I noticed my circle changing last year. I experienced the magic within old and new relationships, friendships, mentorships and partnerships. There was no pushing to connect. They happened naturally. Effortlessly. Organically. As I thought about 2016, I knew circle would have to be my word, my action for 2017.

Circle means opening up mine just a bit more. Reviewing my current circle, and allowing my soul to be enhanced by new and/or growing connections. It means surrounding my friends when they need to be uplifted, supported, comforted and encouraged. It means providing truth to those that trust me to do so.

Circle means circling back to the basics and what’s important to me and my family. What you, our readers, come to this platform to learn. Circling back to family, food, fashion and finance.

Circle means embracing the love that’s sent our way, and sending it right back.

Creating a circle of protection and adoration with friends we know, and friends we haven’t met yet.

Circle means nourishing my own. The Martin circle is my most important one. Spending ALL the time with them, watching my children grow, encouraging my husband to follow HIS dreams now.

This is meant to be a magical journey of growth. This year will be the one where we all thrive, prosper, and learn amazing lessons. I’m wishing that for you, as well as me.

Here we go, 2017. Let’s do this.

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My name is Amiyrah and I'm an an African American fashion & lifestyle blogger based in Ohio.

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