Water Is Just Water

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Disney Cruise Palo

Thank you to Disney Parks and Resorts for hosting us on the Disney Fantasy.

“Water is just water…until it isn’t.”

This was one of the best things I have ever heard. It wasn’t lost on me that I heard it while enjoying a fabulous dinner in Palo, the adults-only restaurant aboard the Disney Fantasy. Ian, our amazing waiter with an equally amazing South African accent, said these words after we inquired about the restaurants water menu. Water is just water, right? Wrong.

Ian shared the menu with us, describing his favorite sparkling waters on the 18 item list. Some bubbles were larger, creating a bigger tingle within the throat, while smaller bubbles gave the effervescence of a sparkling water, without the “pops” from larger bubbles. No, seriously. This is how Ian explained it all.

Let’s not even get into how amazing the rest of the menu. Northern Italian cuisine, as fancy as possible, with each dish more decadent than the last. And I was experiencing all of this on a Disney Cruise. Disney. Where it’s all show tunes, colorful characters, and kids stuff. Not here. Not at Palo.

I have to admit, even though this voyage included my little girl (yay for a girls trip!), as an adult, I had one of the best times I’ve ever had on a Disney vacation. It was relaxing, and fun. And Ian’s words rang true with me, because it felt like he wasn’t talking about water.

A vacation is just a vacation…until it isn’t. A Disney vacation seems to always fall into this category. Whether your adventure includes the Disney Parks and Resorts, or you’re embarking on a Disney Cruise, it’s never JUST a vacation. It’s an experience. A simple interaction, experience, or attraction immediately turns your vacation into something so much more. My 6 year old girl and I were hosted by Disney on this trip, to enjoy Star Wars Day at Sea, but we experienced so much more. “Water” wasn’t just water.

Thank you, again, to Disney Parks and Resorts for inviting us to attend Star Wars Day at Sea. If you’d like to book your own Disney Cruise Line vacation (of course you do!), visit DisneyCruise.com.

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