Black Blogger Pioneer – A’Driane Nieves

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Black Blogger Pioneer - A'Driane Nieves

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is A’Driane Nieves.

A’Driane is a writer, artist, and activist. I know that last part has been difficult for A’Driane to finally accept, but that’s who she is. A’Diane shares her thoughts and creations with us at, but does so much more right here on Facebook. She alerts us to travesties happening to many minority communities (Black, Hispanic, Immigrant, women with mental illness). She challenges us to speak our minds, support those in need, and DO SOMETHING. She produces amazing art that stirs the soul and cries out to our hearts. She. Is. Everything.

I have to admit, this acknowledgement is pretty personal. Addye is my friend. She also saved my life. During a very lonely night when my Postpartum Depression was heavy on my mind, body and soul, she saved me. I stumbled into a twitter chat with lots of kind, accepting and understanding women, but as soon as I saw A’Driane, I said out loud “there I am.” She was the only other Black woman I saw in that chat, and I immediately felt safe within that community because she was there. That night, I was in a dark, dark place. I hadn’t been there before, ever. A’Driane saved me. Now, she’s determined to save many more lives with Tessera Collective’s Support Group. When she’s feeling distraught, frustrated, or just doesn’t know if she should keep going, I have to remind her. She saved me. She’s saving others. She has to keep going.

Thank you, A’Driane, for never giving up. For knowing that you have an amazing community, and constantly challenging us to make a difference with our influence. For being an activist. The world is better because of you.

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