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This post shares how Black Blogger Pioneer Brandi Riley became a pivitol part of the online community space, and how she uses her talents to lift others.

For Black History Month, we’d like to highlight some of the Black blogger pioneers that have changed the game online. As an African American mom and online influencer, these men and women have inspired me more than I can say. From food bloggers, to celebrated writers and intelligent entrepreneurs, these bloggers are deserving of the spotlight.

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Brandi Riley.

Brandi is the owner of, where she shares her heartfelt stories as a mom, wife, and friend. Brandi has created a community that not only enjoys her life updates, trials and victories, but they have come to see her as a dear friend.

This an amazing attribute for a blogger with a successful platform. Her readers know her, her daughter, her love story, her husband, and all of the parenting milestones she’s has and is currently going through. She is open with them, and doesn’t just see them as readers. She sees her community as friends.

A True Community Leader

While Brandi’s investment in her online community is admirable, Brandi’s work within her group, Courage To Earn, is why she is being acknowledged as a pioneer today. Courage To Earn is a group dedicated to outrageously awesome women who are digital business owners.

Brandi is also a blog coach and strategist, and has used her talent for providing customized and personalized game plans for fellow online influencers. Courage To Earn, and Brandi’s services, have been a game changer for our community.

Many MANY bloggers have rejoiced in the advice she has given them, and even more bloggers have earned an exponential amount of money just by listening to Brandi, and being courageous enough to try the ideas she has shared with us. She is changing the blogging community, one blog report and coaching session at a time.

Why Brandi Means So Much To Us

On a personal note, I selfishly waited until the last day to talk about Brandi. I’ve tried to write this acknowledgement of her hard work almost everyday, and the words never seemed enough to explain how important she is to the Black blogging community, the blogging community at large, and to me.

But, there was a reason she is last in this declaration of amazing online influencers. It’s because SHE means so much to us all. She is a bright light that does things so differently from others, and that’s why she is successful. She becomes part of our hearts, while encouraging us to be brave and know our worth.

Our Black Blogger Pioneer of Community Building

Thank you, Brandi, for believing so much in this community. For using your ability to see the best in us all, and PUSH us to use those assets to earn income, become better businesswomen, and know that our hard work as creatives is indeed worth something way more than we may think. We appreciate you.

Check out Brandi’s website, Mama Knows It All, and her Facebook Group Courage To Earn.

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