Black Blogger Pioneers – Christina Brown

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Christina Brown

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Christina Brown.

Christina is the owner of, where she shares her breathtaking outfits, as well as her favorite beauty tips and tricks. Christina is the size that most women in America are, so her readers admire, and acquire, many of the pieces and products she features on her website. While Christina is a pro at building her online platform, she also knows that her power is in attending and hosting live events. Among many of her brand partnerships, she was recently featured in a nationally syndicated commercial for Dove.

Christina is a pioneer because she successfully uses her online influence to connect to her audience offline. Christina has developed a solid business plan behind her website and the value she provides her readers, and the brands that she works with. She knows that it’s not all about the blog posts, and her platform has grown exponentially because of that realization.

Thank you, Christina, for reminding us that our offline work should be as powerful and useful as our online work. We appreciate you.

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