Black Blogger Pioneers – Christine St. Vil

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Christine St Vil

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Christine St.Vil.

Christine is the genius behind, where she helps moms feel good without feeling guilty. But, I can say that Christine does so much more than that for her community. Christine is always looking to provide for mothers that need a boost, support, or a built-in community for advice. While Christine has accomplished so much on her platform, including a best-selling book, she is a pioneer because of the amazing work she’s doing on a new social media outlet: Periscope.

Christine is one of the creators of (BlackBizScope on Periscope) this is a weekly movement where Black business owners are featured using the #BlackBizScope hashtag. We are able to learn about new-to-us business owners, learn their stories and the services they offer their own communities. While others are still fumbling over how to use this new platform, Christine (with fellow founders Adeea Rogers and Pamela Booker) is taking it to another level by boost sales right in our community. I used the word genius to describe Christine earlier because she is. She’s also a giver, which is why she has been so successful.

Thank you, Christine, for continuing to be inventive when it comes to supporting the community you have created. We love and appreciate you.

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