Black Blogger Pioneers – Eunique Jones Gibson

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Eunique Jones Gibson

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Eunique Jones Gibson.

Eunique is the owner of Eunique started the Because of Them, We Can campaign, which highlights pillars in the African-American community, both past and present. Eunique wanted to use her phenomenal photography skills to show that our history is powerful enough to be studied, admired and supported for longer than a month.

Eunique’s campaign has created a wave within the blogging community, and beyond. The fact that it has gone viral shows that her passion for acknowleding those that have made a huge difference in our society, reaches way more than she thought it would. She’s a pioneer because she immediately knew that this campaign was bigger than her, and made the wise decision to please her readers and followers by continuing the project. She’s a pioneer because she understood the importance of shedding light on other pioneers. She knows it’s about more than her, which can be a hard lesson to learn.

Thank you, Eunique, for taking activism to a new level. For visually showing us how essential the African-American community has been when it comes the shaping the America we know today. We appreciate you.

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