Black Blogger Pioneers – GG Renee Hill

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Black Blogger Pioneers - GG Renee Hill

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is GG Renee Hill.

GG is the owner of, where she encourages women to think deep, be intentional about their feelings and acknowledge the power of their soul. GG never gives you “fluff” with her writing. If you embrace her posts, you will be changed with every entry. I have to admit, I have to schedule down time in order to peruse GG’s blog. She always takes my mind to another level, and leaves me with an open heart and a fire within me to share what life is taking me through at the moment.

Because of GG, I have a journal that I write in almost daily. Words that are created just for me to read and reflect. As an online writer and influencer, this is a big deal. GG’s online space has repeatedly encouraged me to write offline for my own well-being.

GG is a pioneer because she uses her platform to push women, especially African-American women, towards their inner struggles and strengths. She empowers us to acknowledge those struggles and strengths, remove them from our minds and transform them into the form of our handwriting on a blank piece of paper.

Thank you, GG, for taking on the task of cracking women of color wide open, and showing us the way to be vulnerable and strong. We appreciate you.

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