Black Blogger Pioneers – Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneers are Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton.

Heben and Tracy are the hosts of Another Round, a popular podcast brought to us by Buzzfeed: Heben and Tracy give us a perfect mixture of hilarity, activism and thought-provoking conversation. They’ve interviewed members of the White House staff, comedians, actors, and more, but still bring the conversation back to the happenings within the African-American community (whether it’s a funny or serious topic). These women have made their podcast into an experience that may contain a bit of shock and awe, but it will always be entertaining.

Heben and Tracy are pioneers because they have taken their uncensored and over-the-top platform to engage an audience that may not have “learn more about the issues in the Black community” on their agenda. Like many of our favorite comedians in history, they are able to wrap the issues in a blanket of laughs, but still get us to pay attention and think about what is happening in our society. That takes craft, skill, and extreme expertise. Heben and Tracy are able to do this within every episode.

Thank you, Heben and Tracy, for not playing it safe. For getting us to belly laugh just enough to be able to ingest the serious conversations that arise during your shows. We appreciate you.

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