Black Blogger Pioneers – Joyce Brewer

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Joyce Brewer

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Joyce Brewer.

Joyce is the owner of, where she shares her insights as a mother. Oh, she is also an Emmy award-winning host. Talk about major accomplishments. Joyce uses her expertise as a host and TV personality to start conversations about current events, hot topics, and everything in between. What Joyce truly does well is start these conversations with fellow parents.

Joyce is a pioneer because she understands her readership has views that others may not be paying attention to. The strong opinions of the parents are essential to our society, and we’ve all seen how this community can cause products to be made, to be discontinued, politicians to be elected, and even boost the support of musicians and celebrities. Joyce has a passion for spearheading the conversations we NEED to have as parents, and it shows with every post and video she produces.

Thank you, Joyce, for using your talent and your purpose to encourage parents to talk about everyday happenings in our world. Your hard work keeps us aware, informed, and open to discussion. We appreciate you.

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