Black Blogger Pioneers – Karen Walrond

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karen walrond

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Karen Walrond.

Karen is the essential definition of an artist. As a highly esteemed photographer, she is able to deliver us with a photo that brings about thousands of emotions in one sitting. I stumbled upon like many of us do: through a friend that was convinced I needed Karen’s light in my life. And that’s exactly what I received.

Karen is an author, speaker, creator of epic workshops, and a superhero. She is a pioneer due to her ability to not only leap into the hearts of many, but open up, inspire and support her community. Whether we’re tagging along during her travels, a day in the life of her family, or during her natural hair journey, Karen is light. She is beauty. She is the picturesque representation of what the Black blogging community looks like when we use our powers to uplift one another.

Thank you, Karen, for your inspiring work and for making it you mission to help us find our own superpowers.

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