Black Blogger Pioneers – Kelly Wickham Hurst

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Kelly Wickham Hurst

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Kelly Wickham Hurst.

I spent all night trying to remember the first time I encountered Kelly online. All I remember is a friend, an offline friend, sending me a link to her writing and said “read this.” When I reached, then saw the Mocha Momma title, THEN this vision of a woman on the right, I knew I was in for a treat. Thus began a journey through the Kelly rabbit hole of thought-provoking entries about parenting, life as a Black woman, life as a teacher, and life as Kelly. 

Kelly has now continued to inspire the African American community by starting her new project, Being Black In School. As the Executive Director, she’s already been recognized by White House Representatives for her work, and interviewed on large scale platforms like NPR.

Kelly has no issues standing up for the African-American community, whether at work, on the radio or in passionate conversations with others. She is a powerhouse. She is an activist. She is refreshing and vigorous. I’m not afraid to say that Kelly’s writing has brought me to tears many times. Angry tears, joyful tears, and even reflective tears as she shares personal stories that I could have told myself. She reveals the vulnerability and elegance of the Black woman with such ease. She challenges not only our Black community as a whole, but our Black blogging community to always tell our story, no matter how uncomfortable our friends and readers may become. Kelly pushes by being our example of empowerment. We needed her and didn’t even know it.

Thank you for always staying true to you, Kelly, and for encouraging us to do the same.

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