Black Blogger Pioneers – Krystel Spell

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Krystel Spell

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Krystel Spell.

Krystel is the owner of, a lifestyle blog for military spouses. Krystel has provided a safe and lighthearted space for military spouses to learn, grow, and interact with one another (her Facebook Page community is phenomenal). If you know anything about the milspouses, they are very tight-knit and loyal. Krystel has become a pillar in the community because every post on her site is dedicated to enriching said community. 

Krystel is a pioneer because she not only sticks to her niche, and provides for her community, but everything else she does revolves around that niche, and the large platform she has created. Her community trusts her judgement, which is essential to building a successful brand.

Thank you, Krsytel, for being an example of what an online influencer can accomplish, when they are selfless and only think of enhancing their readers lives. We appreciate you.

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