Black Blogger Pioneers – Rene Syler

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Rene Syler

For Black History Month, we’d like to highlight some of the Black blogger pioneers that have changed the game online. As an African American mom and online influencer, these men and women have inspired me more than I can say. From food bloggers, to celebrated writers and intelligent entrepreneurs, these bloggers are deserving of the spotlight.

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Rene Syler.

While Rene was already a pioneer due to her position on CBS News The Early Show, the Black blogger community appreciates her for even more. We watched her resiliency after being let go in such a public way from such a public job. We rooted for her, as we watched her journey through breast cancer, and come out victorious. But we’ve fallen in love with her because she has no issue sharing every part of her story (good, bad, or otherwise) with the world. is where we see Rene constantly sharing life lessons, parenting tips, and more. It’s where we’re able to not only connect with Rene, but the community that stands by her. Rene is our pioneer because she took her own life situations to highlight our community as a whole, whether it’s during a TV segment, a YouTube video or through her writing.

Thank you, Rene, for showing us that our journey through life is full of lessons we should never be afraid to share.

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