Black Blogger Pioneers – Renee J Ross

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Renee J Ross

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Renee J Ross.

Renee is the owner of, a website she started in 2008 to showcase a new business she developed (diaper cakes!). She’s taken her website to another level, sharing her health journey and connecting with readers like she’d never thought she would. Renee has not only build a large following, but she’s also worked with large brands that understand how amazing of a storyteller and community leader she has become.

Renee is a pioneer because she saw the power in sharing her story while it was still developing. We spend a lot of time developing articles about the “testimony” while not spending any time documenting the “test.” Renee’s community has grown with her, has watched her take action with her health, and has listened when raises awareness of organizations and charities that need more eyes on the amazing work that they do. I have to say, while I have admired Renee for years, I really fell in love with her spirit after watching her iBlog Magazine interview. She was so open about her blogging journey, and I could tell that the platform she has built, and the work she’s put into it, means so much to her.

Thank you, Renee, for knowing that sometimes an audience needs to see the growth we are experiencing in real time, so that they can root us on or grow along with us.

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