Black Blogger Pioneers – Ronnie and Lamar Tyler

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Ronnie and Lamar Tyler

For Black History Month, we’d like to highlight some of the Black blogger pioneers that have changed the game online. As an African American mom and online influencer, these men and women have inspired me more than I can say. From food bloggers, to celebrated writers and intelligent entrepreneurs, these bloggers are deserving of the spotlight.

Today’s Back Blogger Pioneers are Ronnie and Lamar Tyler.

This couple owns the wildly popular website, which serves as a great resource for the community it represents. What makes Ronnie and Lamar pioneers is their view of their blog as a springboard for their business. From T-shirts, to brand partnerships, to motion pictures and events created for their readership, this power couple knows how amazing their platform is, and uses it wisely.

Want to know how to work with contributors, and treat them well? Look at Ronnie and Lamar. Want to know how to tailor your business to the audience that you want to attract? Look at Ronnie and Lamar. Want to support the Black blogging community by not only providing opportunities for them, but teaching them how to create their OWN opportunities? Look at Ronnie and Lamar.

Thank you, Ronnie and Lamar, for not only being an example of what is possible when you stand true to your platform, but for pushing is to do the same. We appreciate you.

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