Black Blogger Pioneers – Ryan E. Hamilton

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Ryan E Hamilton

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Ryan E. Hamilton.

Ryan is one of the powerful voices on, but he’s also become an extraordinary example of Black fatherhood. Its seems peculiar to use the word extraordinary to describe Ryan’s parenting style and documentation of it online, but our society tends to highlight the unsavory characters of Black fatherhood. Through Ryan’s writing, we see that like all other fathers, this #brownmangenius is determined to provide for and connect to the #brownboygenius he’s raising.

Ryan is a pioneer within our community just by being an example of what Black Dad Bloggers are able to share and provide to the world. Whether they are teaching their kids how to code, pop popcorn the RIGHT way, or embrace their emotions, bloggers like Ryan are changing the way our Black fathers are seen today.

Thank you, Ryan, for always sharing your journey with us. For providing thought-provoking conversations. For being an example, even when you aren’t trying. We see you and appreciate you.

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