Black Blogger Pioneers – Tai and Talaat McNeely

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Black Blogger Pioneers - Tai and Talaat McNeely

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneers are Tai and Talaat McNeely.

Tai and Talaat are the owners of and the popular podcast, His and Her Money. They talk about two very hot topics within the Black community, finance and marriage, and how these two correlate with each other.

They are pioneers because they not only tackle these tough subjects, but they are able to provide information that their niche audience can utilize to better their current financial or marital situation. It’s refreshing to see a husband and wife team start an intelligent discussion about money and its importance in a stable relationship. Difficult discussions are sometimes avoided within the blogging community, but Tai and Talaat have no issues spearheading these specific ones.

Thank you, Tai and Talaat, for using your expertise and platform to better our community. We appreciate you.

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