Black Blogger Pioneers – Wayne Sutton

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Wayne Sutton

Today’s Black Blogger Pioneer is Wayne Sutton.

Wayne is the owner of, where he talks about all things tech-related. Wayne also intertwines social activism within his technology and social media reports, which makes the articles on Social Wayne informative and inspiring.

Wayne is a pioneer because he uses his platform to not only inform his readers but to encourage them to know what is happening in the world of technology, our current society, and acknowledge the Black power players who are making moves in Silicon Valley and beyond. I happened to stumble upon Wayne’s work when he became part of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I saw this very intelligent man, with a particular niche-based platform, speak up and out. From then on, I went down the rabbit hole of getting to know Wayne’s writing, background, passion and purpose.

Thank you, Wayne, for using your site, and your influence, to get us to wake up and recognize what is happening right now. To stand up for what we believe in, and provide our community with talking points for important conversations that need to happen. We appreciate you.

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