Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

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Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

A Disney Cruise is one of the best ways to vacation when on a budget, but there are many ways you can save while experiencing all there is to this magical adventure. These are a few ways that will help you save even more before and during your Disney Cruise.

Disney Vacation Account

This is one Disney secret that many don’t know about. There is a special website that helps you save for any Disney Parks and Resorts or Disney Cruise Line vacation. Very similar to the old vacation club accounts banks would provide, the Disney Vacation Account lets you pay on your upcoming vacation in interims. You can cover the cost of the vacation, gratuities and even your transfers way before you leave your home state.

Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

Water Bottles

Water and soft drinks are complimentary on the ship, which is a dream for any frugal family. But, one thing we wished we would have had on the ship was bottled water. We actually paid for bottled water to be delivered to our room, and boy was it expensive. Bottled water is also available where alcoholic beverages are displayed, but again, the price can add up. There is free water available on deck, but they come in small paper cups. If you are a big water drinker, or at least need a glass nearby at bedtime, bring along water bottles for each family member. If you can bring water bottles with a filter, even better, Fill them up before the family retreats to the stateroom every night.

Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

Pack Light and Wash

Did you know that there are laundry rooms on the Disney Cruise Line ships? Each deck has a launderette available for guests. Those embarking on a 7 day cruise won’t need to pack 7 days of clothes. I suggest packing an outfit for formal night, a costume (or two) for Pirate night, and about 3 days worth of regular cruise wear (including bathing suits). Take a few hours out of your trip to wash clothes, including the clothes you arrived in, and repeat your outfits. This will also cut down on the amount of luggage that will take up space in your stateroom.

Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

Order Room Service

OK, this may not be a way to save money, but it’s a pretty cool amenity during a Disney Cruise. Room service is complimentary on the ship, so if you have kids (or spouses) who love an early morning or midnight snack, order room service! Look, this is one the best things to let your kids enjoy while you can give them the opportunity. Take full advantage.

Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

Skip the Excursions

I feel like there are two parts to a Cruise vacation: the time on the ship and the time at ports. While excursions can be phenomenal fun, they technically are a whole other vacation. Depending on the amount of people in your party, you may end up paying 50 to 200 dollars per person to experience an excursion. If you don’t mind spending the day on the ship, or window shopping at your ports, you van save money by skipping the excursions. Plus, you’ll get to spend a whole day at Castaway Cay, one of the BEST excursions ever. Not only is is a majestic island, it’s included in your vacation. No extra cost!

Order Libations in Bulk

Alcoholic beverages are always a big expense, whether you’re home or on vacation. But, if you want to add libations to your vacation, Disney Cruise Line gives you the option of purchasing packages for your favorite drinks. During the first night of your dinner service, your servers will explain how these packages work. One cool thing about order a package, especially wine, is that you’re able to take the bottles you don’t consume with you when you disembark the ship. So, you don’t lose your booze if you can’t drink it all. You paid a pretty penny for it, so you should be able to take it home.

Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

Take Lots Of Pictures

There are many opportunities to take photos with characters aboard a Disney Cruise. Take every advantage of this! Once you reach the end of your vacation, you’ll have the chance to purchase a package that will include photos of you and your family having the time of your life. Photos are one of the investments that I’ll always recommend during a Disney vacation. But, if you’d like to bypass this purchase, feel free to ask Cast Members to take pictures of you and your family with your cell phone. Disney Cast Members are more than happy to snap a photo with their camera, then one with yours. Or, you can take them yourself. There are amazing spaces all over the ship where you can take breathtaking pictures. Take advantage, and get that Christmas card photo done early!

Have you ever sailed on a Disney Cruise? Share your ways to save on a Disney Cruise!

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    Thank you for all the tips! This is my dream come true to on a Disney Curise with my kids and grandkids!

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    We are going on the Dream in two weeks. Can’t wait! Thanks for the post.

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