Is A Disney Cruise Worth The Money?

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Disney Fantasy Cruise

The big question is: is a Disney Cruise worth the money? Short answer? Yes. But, there is more to it than a yes or no answer. There are reasons why this frugal mama believes a Disney Cruise for the whole family is worth saving for, and in this post, I plan to break it down for you.


One of the best things about any kind of Disney vacation are the amenities. I’ve seen people mention time and time again about what amenities are worth it or not, but the truth is that Disney Parks and Resorts and Disney Cruise Line are very intentional with the amenities they offer during any vacation experience. A Disney Cruise takes these offerings to the next level. From the Personal Navigator that basically plans out your whole day before it even begins, to the Oceaneer Club for kids or the adults only area on deck, every small and large amenity is something that would be worth hundreds if they were a la cart.

Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

Comfort and Ease

One thing that frugal families sometimes forget about when planning vacations is that you’re meant to relax during that time. Yes, it’s cool if you can rent a home for less than staying at a hotel, but you’ll also have to factor in time to cook all meals (just like at home), cleaning up the place, and other items you would never really want to do while on a vacation. As soon as you embark on a Disney Cruise, you are greeted with comfort and ease. You’re well taken care of, from your stateroom, to your dinners every night, and even during the nightly shows. Want to meet Cinderella? Well, you can do that almost every day. Want to sleep in, then order free room service once your eyelids pop open? Sure. It’s all about comfort while you are on the ship.

Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

Family Time

What brings families to frequent a Disney Cruise is the focus on family. Every theme night, event, day at sea, and even a few of the excursions are family-centered. The fun part of a vacation, whether it’s inexpensive or not, is the time that a family is able to spend together. Disney Cruise Line makes it easy to just enjoy one another, without thinking of anything else. They also make it easy for each family member to make their own memories and have their own experiences. And the best part is that none of this and extra cost.

Ways To Save On A Disney Cruise

All Inclusive

There’s this mystery about all-inclusive vacations. The mystery is that once you break down the costs of every thing, they aren’t worth the money. But, no one actually breaks it down. On a Disney Cruise vacation, you’ll have to cover:

Travel to the port (including transfers from the airport to the port)
Gratuity (which you can pay ahead of time)
Per hour babysitting fee (if your child is under 3)
Excursions (if that’s your thing)
Souvenirs (if that’s your thing)
Alcoholic beverages (if that’s your thing)

That’s it. As you can see, only 2 of those 5 things are somewhat mandatory purchases. All meals, entertainment on board, kids activities (for those 3 and up), character meet-and-greets, and more are all included. Everything. If you are looking for a vacation that’s worth the money, and can actually be a time when you fully relax, a Disney Cruise is it.

There are a few other ways to save money on a Disney Cruise, which I will talk about in another post, but if you are looking for an answer to the big question of “is a Disney Cruise worth the money,” this article is it.

Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise?

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