Cars 3 Lessons in Pixar In A Box

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Pixar in a Box has been one of the best resources for our homeschooling family, so when we were able to learn about the new lessons being added to the platform, I was very excited.

Pixar In A Box

If you aren’t familiar with Pixar in a Box, here’s a quick description:

Pixar in a Box is a Disney sponsored collaboration with Khan Academy. Scholars of all ages give a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs.. Our family loves that it combines math, science, and even robotics to teach kids how everyday things they learn in school help create the best animated movies they’ve ever seen.

Elyse Klaidman and Tony Derose led our Pixar in a Box discussion. The new lessons in the 3rd season of Pixar in a Box highlight some of the challenges within creating animation, just like the past two seasons. Users of the platform have access to all 3 seasons, and the lessons range from general to advanced.


Pixar In A Box And Storytelling

All Disney films are all about storytelling, and Disney Pixar films, in particular, are no different. During Disney Pixar in a Box lessons, we learn how the art of storytelling is combined with technical genius.


With a video introduction to the lesson, then hands-on learning, children are encouraged to create, grow, learn, and even question how the workings of Pixar Animation is put together. With the upcoming release of Cars 3, many future animators will be able to explore Pixar in a Box to learn how Lightening McQueen’s smile is made, and how Cruz Ramirez’s paint job becomes that perfect shade of Canary yellow.


If you have school aged children with a passion for learning, we highly recommend Pixar in a Box. To learn even more about this platform, check out our past blog post, or visit

And don’t forget! Cars 3 hits theaters June 16th, 2017! Check out this brand new trailer:

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  1. 5.11.17
    Heather said:

    We are so excited about this movie! My 8 yo is going to check out Pixar in a Box, too…excited to be in Disney this summer after the release!