5 Fun Facts about Disney Pixar’s LOU short film

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5 Fun Facts about Disney Pixar's LOU short filmDuring our amazing #Cars3Event adventure, we were able to view the endearing and fun short film, LOU. LOU will be featured before Cars 3, and we has the pleasure to not only get a sneak peek of it, but interview Directors Dave Mullins and Dana Murray.

Disney Pixar's LOU Directors Dave Mullins and Dana Murray
Disney Pixar’s LOU Directors Dave Mullins and Dana Murray

We learned so much about the creation of a Disney Pixar short, and about the story behind LOU. I decided to share 5 fun facts about Disney Pixar’s LOU short film, that you will be able to keep in the back of your mind when you see Cars 3 in theaters this weekend.

  1. Dave Mullins pitched ideas for a Disney Pixar shorts for 8 years before he was able to direct his own.
  2. LOU is meant to “pop” in the film. The character LOU is bright red, which was needed to help him stand out from the other timeless toys featured in the short.
  3. LOU had FROZEN roots. Christopher Beck, the composer of FROZEN, also composed LOU. You’ll hear the similarities in his work when you watch the short.
  4. JJ, the antagonist in the short, was a combination of other kids in past Disney Pixar films and shorts, including a kid in Inside Out.
  5. Disney Pixar films, and shorts have 4 main ingredients. Heart, entertainment, setting, and animation are big parts in every Pixar creation, including LOU.

5 Fun Facts about Disney Pixar's LOU short film

I cannot wait to watch this Disney Pixar short again. LOU was heartwarming, exciting, and just plain fun to watch. It’s a great introduction to your Cars 3 experience. You’re going to love seeing it this weekend!

5 Fun Facts about Disney Pixar's LOU short film

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Here’s a cute clip from Disney Pixar’s LOU, to get you ready for the weekend:


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