Pixar Cars 3 Director and Producers Share All #Cars3Event

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It’s very rare we get to attend a full on Disney Pixar press conference. To be able to sit in an intimate room with Director Brian Fee, Producer Kevin Reher, and Co-Producer Andrea Warren, and ask them questions about Disney Pixar Cars 3 (which hits theaters on June 16th), was quite a honor.


This team of amazingness shared some great insight and behind the scenes peeks of how Cars 3 came to be. From voiceovers, to storyline, and more, there was so much to jot down and share here with you. Here’s a great round up of what the director and producers shared with the media.

Cars 3 Director Brian Fee

Voiceover Work Is Key

With amazing voices behind the characters of Cars 3, you can imagine what the sessions with those powerhouse actors are like. Brian Fee mentioned Owen Wilson’s (voice of Lightening McQueen) fantastic voiceover process. They do scratch acting, which helps the team and actors figure out what will work within their scenes. Owen made a point of saying when phrases or inflections would work with McQueen as a character, and when they wouldn’t. Brian says that Owen “wears his writer’s hat when he’s in the booth.”

Brian said Kerry Washington (who voices Natalie Certain), has never done animation before, but threw out all the lines as if she was a veteran. She even apologized for not memorizing her lines, which is something that actors don’t need to do when it comes to voiceovers.

Cars 3 Producer Andrea Warren

Cruz Ramirez Is Relatable

I have to admit, I am very excited about the addition of Cruz Ramirez to the Disney Pixar Cars storyline. During the 42 minutes of the film that we were able to view, I felt a deep connection to her, and her ambition. Brian, Andrea, and Kevin also felt that connection.

Andrea stated she finds Cruz to be an admirable and likable character. We learn about where she comes from, and what motivates her in this world of racing. Kevin admits that Cruz’s story parallels the story of Cristela Alonzo (voice of Cruz Ramirez). He says that Cristela’s journey to being a stand-up comedian, and having no one there to guide her or teach her out to make her own way, is an essential part of the Cars 3 storyline and Cruz’s backstory. Brian is a father of 2 girls who told him one day that some things were for boys, and others for girls. Hearing that from his own children encouraged him to create something that destroyed those labels. Cruz’s story does just that.

Cars 3 Producer Kevin Reher

The Message Is Simple

When asked what the main message of Cars 3 is, Brian chimed in with what Lightening McQueen ends up learning within the film:

“It is finding purpose in life.  And, that changes throughout your life. What is important to you when you’re twenty is no longer necessarily what’s important when you’re forty five.  And we go through these changes where life does have new meaning, and that’s the discovery he’s on.”

Cars 3 hits theaters June 16th, 2017. Have you seen the latest trailer? Check it out!


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