How To Rock Your Fall Routine

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How To Rock Your Fall Routine

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Fall is all about routines. Getting ready for school, dressing for the changing weather, visiting your local farm for pumpkins, and setting a schedule that you’ll actually follow. Those have always been the biggest parts of fall for our family. But, there are some routines that I’ve noticed most abide by during the fall season, and they are simple routines that make sense for busy families.

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Set A Timer

Here’s the thing: there’s always something out there to distract you. Add kids, sports, meal times, and homework to the mix, and there can be days when you all feel like nothing gets accomplished. Set a timer for everything. From brushing your teeth (with small bits of toothpaste on the timer as proof), to studying for an Algebra quiz, all the things need timers. We use timers on our cell phones, and even have a small timer that the kids use at night to keep their nighttime routine short and sweet. Timers are everything.

Organize Easily

Are you finding that your organizational routine at home is lacking? Maybe it needs to be simplified. What are the top 4 things your family needs to accomplish daily? Create your organizational life around those small daily goals. If getting out the door on time is one goal, make sure that all backpacks, school shoes, and lunch bags are at the door, ready to go. Struggling with getting dinner on the table? Make a simple meal plan that consists of placing your protein of choice on a specific day. Beef on Mondays, Chicken on Tuesdays, etc.

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Eat Breakfast

I have to admit, this has always been a challenge for me, even though I make sure everyone else in the house eats “the most important meal of the day.” One way I ensure everyone, including me, eats breakfast, is by planning it ahead of time. I’ve found that the Gold Emblem Abound oatmeal bowls are super easy to add to the breakfast arsenal because they can be made in less than a minute, travel well if we need to eat on the go, and don’t cause fights with my more picky selective eaters.

How To Rock Your Fall Routine

Find Quiet Time

School work provides that quiet time that most families need, but don’t forget to schedule other times for everyone to recharge. Quiet time in your bedroom, in the backyard, or just reading time on the couch is always great during the busy fall season.

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Stay Healthy

It’s easy to forget to take care of our bodies during the busy season. One of the easiest ways to to make sure to take a daily vitamin. This simple routine can be a task for one of the kids to tackle; put someone “in charge” of rationing out the vitamins at breakfast time. I absolutely love giving the kids this responsibility, because they even make sure Mom and Dad take their vitamins.

Do you add any of these fall routine ideas to your schedule after enjoying a lazy summer?

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