7 Frugal Gifts For Adults

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Looking for inexpensive gifts for the adults in your life? Here are 7 frugal gift ideas for you!

It’s almost time for the holidays! Are you stressing yet? November is the time when our home feels as if its all cozied up for the cold weather, but things are heating up in the “who do we need to buy gifts for” department. Over the past 12 years of marriage, I’ve learned how to maneuver purchasing gifts for the many adults in our family. From my own family, to my in-laws, we’ve found some great gifts, that won’t cost a ton. Here are 7 frugal gifts for adults, that everyone will enjoy.

Coloring Books for Grown Ups

Yup, they are still a thing. Yes, everyone is still enjoying coloring books for grown-ups. Some books can cost a pretty penny, but there are many versions available at the dollar store, in the dollar spot at Target, or on Amazon. I have at least 5 adult coloring books by now, and I’m hoping for a few more for the holidays. If you have a creative person in the family or our group of friends, gift them a coloring book and those cool gel markers or the best colored pencils EVER.

“Mom” or “Dad” Packs

These are so much fun to give during the holidays. We always give mom and dad packs for Mothers and Fathers day, but it totally works for the holidays. These “packs’ are full of items that they may forget, need a lot throughout the year, or small little splurge items that they wouldn’t get for themselves. Deodorant, special lotions, face masks, their favorite candies or teas, and even a new mug or pair of slippers are perfect for these packs.

Gift Cards

Oh, you knew we were going to list gift cards. Gift cards are the bomb! Don’t be boring about giving a gift card though; create a theme around the gift card you are giving. Giving a Fandango gift card? Place it in a popcorn container with microwavable popcorn and candy. The packaging is key when giving a gift card.

Photo Books

Have you ever used those special codes from Shutterfly or CVS to make photo books for family members? You need to! One of the most sentimental ways to create a photo book for an adult family member or friend, is to go through their Facebook or Instagram account, and put them in a photo book for them. You’ll be giving them their own little year book full of memories.

DIY Gifts From Kids

Get the kids involved, too! Have them make macaroni necklaces, paint cute pictures (and frame them), or make special ornaments for each family member. Kids love doing holiday crafts, and gifting them, so let them do so!

Journals or Activity Books

This idea might be my favorite of all. Have you thought about gifting a gratitude journal? This one of my favorite gifts I received a few years ago, and it helped me to take on the new year with grace and happiness. If you don’t want to get too mushy with it, you can always gift an activity book or wreck journal. These have been popular with tweens and teens, but they are PERFECT for adults who need to take their minds off of the everyday. One of the best ones to gift is the Pointless Book. I had a blast working through this one, and I even took it with me when I traveled to past the time. If you have someone in your circle that lives a busy life, or travels quite a bit, this is a gift they will love to receive.

Homemade Videos

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Have you ever thought of making a special video, just for each adult family member? A video where you share the best things they did the past year, or you share how much they mean to you? YouTubers aren’t the only ones that can create awesome videos that everyone will enjoy! One year, the kids and I created a video for every female member of our family, and I had the kids answer questions about each sweet lady. I edited the videos on my phone, and presented the videos to them. It was the best gift they received that year, and it didn’t cost us anything but some time for editing. This is the simplest gift to give, but will have the biggest impact.

I hope these 7 frugal gift ideas for adults help you tackle your holiday list this year. Do you items to add to the list? Please comment below!

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