When To Press Your Natural Girl’s Hair

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When To Press Your Natural Girl's HairOur only girl loves her hair. She really loves being a natural girl, just like her mom. While she and I love having our kinks and curls, there are times when we feel like we may need to straighten our hair. There are only a few instances where you decide when to press your natural girl’s hair, but they are pretty important milestones to remember.

When She Asks

There’s something so empowering about your daughter having a say in how her hair should be maintained. This is one of the first times when they can have input in how they want to physically look, and to help them take pride in their outer appearance. I never pushed my girl to get her hair pressed, and tried to prevent family members from doing it (tried is the big word here). I wanted her to make the decision on her own, without the influence of others. Give your girl the same experience. She may never want to have her natural hair pressed or blow dried, or she may fully dive into it. The important part is giving her a choice.

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When It Needs A Trim

This is probably the only time I have my hair pressed, and I still haven’t done it more than twice in 6 years. There are many ways to trim a natural girl’s hair, but every once in a while, a good trim after a blow out or press is helpful and healthy. Once your girl decides that she’s ready to have her hair pressed, be sure to have the hairdresser give it a trim. If you are said hairdresser, check out a few YouTube videos to give you guidance on how to do this properly.


As A Mother/Daughter Experience

Remember when we mentioned letting her get her natural hair pressed when she asks? Well, she may never do it. That is, unless you do it with her. These wonderful pictures of my girl you’re viewing in this post? Well, it was because of a mommy and me hair appointment. We both decided to let “Dad” treat us to getting our hair straightened, and made a day out of it. It was fun to get it done together, then realize how much we missed our curls. Ha! But, we needed a trim, and she asked if we could have this experience together (thus, taking charge of her hair maintenance). It’s something that we’ll do together again, when she’s ready, and that we can always add to our list of Mother/Daughter activities.

When do you decide to press your natural girl’s hair? Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. 11.15.17

    My oldest daughter first had her hair straightened when she was 7 for a special occasion and then decided that she wanted to straighten her hair again for her 10th birthday. Well her 10th birthday came and went and she’s been rocking her fro or some curly hairstyle until she gets her sister locks installed. All her decisions with the exception of her waiting until she turned 10 to get her hair straightened again. After the first time, she wanted to get it done all of the time so that was our (mine, her, and her aunt’s) compromise 🙂

    • 11.16.17
      Amiyrah said:

      I love that compromise!

  2. 11.15.17
    Clarissa said:

    I blew out my daughter’s super curly hair one time and she didn’t like it. She said she actually missed her curls. Thank you for sharing this and I am glad to hear that your daughter also seems to love her natural hair too. She’s such a cutie!

    • 11.16.17
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you for reading, Clarissa! I love that your girl appreciates her curls. <3