A Morning on the Farm

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of The Ohio Pork Council. All opinions and experiences are my own.

“We’re always thinking of ways to do better.”

When Rebecca Surber shared those words with me during my visit to the pig farm, they really hit home. I could hear the sincerity in her voice. I could see the genuine care she had for what she does. For the occupation her family shares; the occupation of  a farmer.

A Busy Morning in Farming

I spent the morning with Rebecca, as we ventured to a pig farm near Sabina, Ohio. I got to live a small part of the life of a pig farmer, and boy was it eye-opening. I had so many questions. What do the pigs eat? How are they taken care of? What do their living quarters look like? How often do they interact with humans? Rebecca did a great job of answering all of these questions, and more.

Once we reached the farm, we were greeted with 4 small silos. Rebecca informed me that these were full of feed for the piglets inside, and they were part of a timed system that can detect when one silo is almost depleted, and automatically feed the pigs from a full silo. We also saw quite a few trucks on our way to the farm, and Rebecca told me they were getting their feed deliveries done before the frost came in.


Shower In/Shower Out

Once we arrived, Rebecca took me through the shower in/shower out process. When you visit a pig farm, all humans must decontaminate themselves by fully showering, and putting on clean clothes that are provided by the farm. No, seriously. You must shower from head to toe, and then put on other CLEAN CLOTHES, including underwear and socks. This is done to protect the pigs from any outside deceases, and keep them as healthy as possible. This was fascinating for me. Again, I was impressed with how much care was put into taking care of the pigs, and this all happened before we even entered to see them. It also dawned on me that Rebecca has to do this process every single day. Getting up early to take her daughter to school, working in their family’s office, then going to visit a few farms a day, showering in and out every time. Wow.


Daily Barn Care

As we finished up with the shower in/shower out experience, I became so excited to finally get to visit with the pigs. Not so fast, girlfriend. Rebecca ushered me into the office area, which included a washer, dryer, clipboards, and the intricate system that controls the aeration, temperature, and scheduled feeding of the pigs. There was also a tiny window where I could see the piglets, in all of their glory. Before we could continue with the day, barn care needed to be accomplished.

As Rebecca started to go through all of the to-dos of the day, I realized it was quite the list.

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