Awesome Planners Under 20 Dollars

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Looking for affordable planners under 20 dollars? This list has some awesome ones!

It’s time to plan for the new year! If you’re like everyone else in the world, you are pumped to get this new year going, and conquered, as soon as possible. One of the best ways is to pick a great planner to allow you to succeed in the next year. The great part is that these planners don’t have to cost a ton of money in order to help you be productive. Here are 20 planners under 20 dollars.

Planners Under 10 Dollars

planners under 20 dollars

Mead Monthly Pocket Planner

This planner is sweet and simple, and is perfect for tracking habits like water intake, exercise, and reading goals. Since they are priced way under 5 dollars, you can buy a one for each habit!

planners under 20 dollars 1

Mead Weekly/Monthly Planner

I love Mead planners because they are the best kind of no frills. This planner is no different. It’s not overly detailed, but there are a lot of lines for list making and note taking.

planners under 20 dollars

Blue Sky 2018 Weekly & Monthly Planner

Blue Sky planners are another one of my favorites. Again, they aren’t overly complicated, but they provide as the spaces a planner should have to help its user be successful.

planners under 20 dollars

Blue Sky 8×10 Monthly Planner

If you need more room to write, and enjoy a larger planner, this Blue Sky planner is perfect. There’s also a space to write contacts and a large notes area.

planners under 20 dollars

At-A-Glace 2 Year Planner

This planner is very streamlined, but I love that it’s a 2 year planner. If you are someone that likes to plan way in advance, this would be a great planner to have on hand.

Planners Under 20 Dollars

planners under 20 dollars

Mead 9×11 Monthly Planner

Mead is killing the game with these inexpensive but awesome planners! This is one of their larger planners, for those that may need more room to organize their months.

planners under 20 dollars

Global Planner

Dude. This planner has pockets! I mean, there’s nothing else to say. It’s also designed well, but let’s not downplay the pockets. Pockets are important!

planners under 20 dollars

Brownline Duraflex Monthly Planner

I enjoy a planner with a flexible and durable cover if I plan to utilize it on the go. This one is another large planner, with extra room to write.

planners under 20 dollars

2018 Day Planner with Zipper

The stitching on this planner, and the fact that it has a zipper, makes it worth way more than 13 dollars.

planners under 20 dollars

At-A-Glance Weekly/Monthly Planner

This compact planner has a unique design on the daily page, where you have a space to write down ideas that may pop up in your mind at the beginning or end of the day.

planners under 20 dollars

Day Designer For Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly Planner

Day Designer planners are my personal favorite. There are spaces to write a to-do list, your top these tasks of the day, and your monthly goals. If you’re looking for a planner that does more than the basics, this is the one for you.

planners under 20 dollars

Mead Organizer Weekly/Monthly Memo Planner

To-do list pages, space for writing your top 3 tasks, a section to track expenses, and meal planning? This planner is phenomenal for those of us that need to place lots of information in one place.

planners under 20 dollars

At-A-Glance Harmony Planner

Yet another great planner under 20 dollars that contains almost everything a planner would need for the year. Goal setting, tracking of habits, expense tracking and more are all included in this affordable planner.

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