Who Are The Dora Milaje? – 7 things you need to know

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Who are the Dora Milaje? Here is everything you should know about these women and their powerful role in Black Panther.

Okoye; Marvel's Black Panther

Marvel Studio’s Black Panther hits theaters on February 16th, and there is so much to learn before we watch it on the big screen! We’ve already discussed the women of Black Panther in a prior post, but it’s time to dig deeper.

Who are the Dora Milaje? Well, there are a few things you need to know about this integral part of the Black Panther story.

Who Are The Dora Milaje?

Who Are The Dora Milaje?

  1. The Dora Milaje is King T’Challa’s deadly bodyguards. The Adored Ones (what Dora Milaje means) have the duty of keeping the king of Wakanda safe at all times.
  2. The Dora Milaje is created from the 18 rival tribes of Wakanda. This prestigious position was actually created to allow each tribe to present their most powerful female warriors as potential queens for the king. Each tribe takes pride in their daughters and anticipates having their tribe represented.
  3. These deadly women are sent on special missions. While they are the king’s bodyguards, Black Panther also sends them on secret missions all around the world. Nakia, a main character in Marvel Studio’s Black Panther, is one of these women that has been sent on many missions.
  4. Dora Milaje is pronounced dora-meh-LAH-shay. Start practicing how to say it now, so you’re ready to say it every single day of your life after you watch the film on February 16th.
  5. T’Challa reinstated the Dora Milaje. In the Black Panther comic books, these women were a mainstay during King Azzari’s reign (T’Challa’s grandfather), but they were disbanded until T’Challa received the throne.
  6. There may be a love affair in the film that wasn’t in the comic book. Nakia and Okoye, T’Challa’s first members of his Dora Milaje, are both featured in the upcoming film. In the comic books, T’Challa saw them not as potential wives, but as fierce fighters. Nakia still longed for her king’s love, but it was unrequited. From what we can infer from the Black Panther trailers, we may see a love story between T’Challa and Nakia in the film.
  7. The Dora Milaje are trained in martial arts and many forms of weaponry. In the stills, trailers for Black Panther, and Okoye’s Black Panther poster, we’ve seen them with bo-staffs and spears. This means we are bound to see some epic action sequences in the upcoming film.

Who Are The Dora Milaje?

To learn more about how Black Panther went from page to screen, check out this new featurette from Marvel Entertainment:


Who Are The Dora Milaje?

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Marvel Studio’s Black Panther hits theaters on February 16th, 2018.

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  1. 1.30.18
    Dee said:

    These women are fierce! I had no idea of their backstory, so thank you much for the insights. CAN’T wait to see them in this movie!!

  2. 3.6.18
    Shawn McFadden said:

    I can FINALLY say I got to see Black Panther. I saw this masterpiece while in the Philippines. The only negative things I have to say about this movie were that some of the action scenes where T’Challa was in Africa, Korea, or the final fight scene between him and Killmonger were hard to follow because it was too dark. Other than those three things ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I also want to say that I enjoyed watching the fight scenes involving the WOMEN more than those involving T’Challa. I cannot single any one of the ladies out. They ALL showed Strength, Speed, Agility, Coordination, and PRECISION!!! As for Mr. Kill-Monger, Michael B. Jordan took this role and ran with it. He was HIGHLY MOTIVATED, but he was not CONSUMED by revenge. Throughout the movie, he had a plan, and EXECUTED THE PLAN. This is something you don’t see all the time with villains, and at one point I was actually rooting for him. As I said before, other than the action scenes I mentioned, a truly OUTSTANDING FILM!!!