The Bachelor Winter Games – Scoop from Chris Harrison

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Here is everything you need to know about The Bachelor Winter Games – the scoop right from Chris Harrison himself! 

The Bachelor Winter Games 1
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Bachelor Nation is getting ready for another awesome show to add to their night time arsenal. The Bachelor Winter Games airs this Tuesday, 2/13, with it’s second episode airing Thursday, 2/15. We had so much fun sitting down with Chris Harrison, who hosts all of our favorite The Bachelor shows (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise). Chris is always a great interview because he is so open, honest, and believes in each of these shows. Here are some of my favorite parts of our talk with Chris.

Me with The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison

The Bachelor Winter Games Is A Fun, New Concept

Chris and the production team loved adding in this new show because it was something different.

“When we started The Bachelor Winter Games, we had no clue about what we (were) getting ourselves into and what we were going to do.  We had this concept and it was very loose. It was fun for us because we’ve been doing The Bachelor and Bachelorette for 16 years.”

“Honestly, we had this idea of our goal was ‘let’s make this Global Celebration of Love.’  Let’s define that and figure out what that means.”

The Bachelor Winter Games - Scoop from Chris Harrison
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Chris mentions that The Bachelor isn’t just a hit here in the United States, it’s also a hit all around the world, with franchises in Japan, China, Finland, Sweden, from Russia, the UK, and Australia and New Zealand and Canada.

“We kind of decided (The Bachelor Winter Games) would be this pseudo Olympic Village where we’re gonna get the biggest Stars from around the world join the biggest Stars from our Show, bring them together, let them live in one house, let the mayhem ensue.  And then for some reason, let’s put these people on Skis cause most of them have never skied.”

We were able to get a sneak peek of part of the first episode of The Bachelor Winter Games, and I have to say, the winter games they had the cast partake in were beyond hilarious. It was very smart of the production team to put these people on skis and ice skates.

scoop from Chris Harrison


The Bachelor Winter Games Is Good TV – Period

When asked if he prefers The Bachelor Winter Games or The Bachelor, Chris hesitated for half a second, but did give a firm answer.

“I hate to say this out loud, but Bachelor Winter Games may be some of my favorite television we have ever produced. It’s that good.  It’s on against the Olympics.  It’s on against some tough competition.  It’s only a 2 week run.  But it’s one of those things, I would love to have good ratings.  It’s phenomenal how well it turned out, and it was exciting.  It was fun for us to be just really producing on the fly, coming up with great ideas and you see the concept worked.”

Chris Harrison of The Bachelor
photo credit: ABC

Does Chris Harrison Ever Intervene?

When asked if Chris or anyone on the production team ever feel like they should intervene during certain tense or questionable scenes while filming The Bachelor, Bachelorette or The Bachelor Winter Games, he had an insightful response:

“It’s human nature to want to fix a situation.  If you and I are talking and there is something emotional going on, or something difficult or awkward, our human instinct is to step in to fix that and speak. I think one of my gifts as a host, and as I’ve learned over the years, one of the hardest things I do is not speak, and not jump in.

And that’s a hard thing to do, especially on television, because everyone has this need to fill dead space, because dead space is awkward. But sometimes, it’s really needed, because that person wants to speak or they want to emote some emotion, and you need to allow that to happen. If you fix it, then they can just bury it or move on.  The toughest thing for me, (during) those horribly awkward situations or (when) somebody’s really breaking down, is not to fix it.”

This part of the inteview really showed us the genius behind Chris Harrison, and this Bachelor phenomena that’s reached the corners of the earth.

The Bachelor Winter Games airs February 13th at 8pmEST on ABC, with the second episode airing February 15th at 8pmEST. Want a sneak peek at the rose ceremony for during night one? Check it out:


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